Logistics Process Engineer

日期: 2023年11月20日

城市: Suzhou, CN, 215000

公司名: Knorr-Bremse


  • Bachelor’s degree or above (preferred in international trade/supply chain management or related).
  • Over 8 working years in supply chain.                                                                           
  • Good know how of modern logistic/supply chain and practical logistic/SC experience in auto industry in Production Planning and Warehouse Management functions.
  • Deep business process knowledge with an understanding of given process dependencies.
  • Strong analytical and communicative skills.
  • Project management experience.
  • Good English written and spoken.
  • Very diligent way of working, team player and trustworthy with peers.
  • Must be familiar with SAP system.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Mission: Manages logistics solution in CVS China, working with each plant to improve the supply chain level. Takes business process design decisions for the related business processes.
  • Design and improve CVS China logistics process. For example, SAP function continue improvement, and strategic optimize inbound/outbound logistics.
  • Drawing and continual improvement the supply chain chart of CVS China.
  • Responsible for the definition of a vision and process target picture for the assigned business function / process area which are aligned with all business interfaces on a regional and global level.
  • Supports and executes local process audits to ensure the highest level of process harmonization from a global perspective. Doing CVS China logistics periodically audit, design audit list include process, KPI, daily operations etc.
  • Develops, manages and reviews the regional functional strategy and roadmap with the objective of applying the process target picture and ensuring full transparency about projects and initiatives.
  • Ensures monthly project status reporting and clear decision path within functional area.
  • Ensures an up-to-date process documentation for the assigned process area which is provided through supply chain process management.
  • Ensures a culture of continuous improvement within the regional and global key-user community which is provided through supply chain process management.
  • Identifies, develops, implements and continuously manages the most relevant process drivers for the assigned process.
  • Defines, organizes and executes process trainings for the key-user community to support the development of defined skills in close alignment with the responsible line manager.
  • Supports and leads strategic projects and initiatives while also taking into account the functional design principles of each business function / process.
  • Derives and defines the concrete KPI target figures for the next five years in advance by taking into account the current process target pictures and business cases.


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