Master thesis "Detection of capacitance losses on capacitors during operation" 




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  • Capacitors are essential and therefore unavoidable components of modern electronic circuits. Due to the manifold requirements in the individual circuit parts (e.g. dielectric strength, temperature stability, capacitance, parasitic properties, ...) different technologies are used for this purpose.

  • However, some technologies have the property that their capacitance decreases with increasing age and thus their service life is limited.

  • When these capacitors are used in electronic assemblies designed for a service life of more than 20 years, this now means a planned replacement after a fixed period of time as part of preventive maintenance. Very often it is found that these capacitors have not yet reached their actual end of life and could remain in service.

  • In contrast, the capacitors can be used until the end of their effective service life as part of reactive maintenance, thus avoiding unnecessary maintenance expenses. A prerequisite for this, however, is the reliable detection of capacitance losses at runtime.



  • Within the scope of the work, the following key issues are to be discussed:

  • Which mechanisms can be used to monitor the capacitance of capacitors during operation?

  • How can these mechanisms be implemented in common switching power supply topologies (buck, boost, flyback, ...)?

  • Develop appropriate methods to detect capacitance loss.



  • Studies at a technical university or university of applied sciences with focus on electrical engineering / electronics

  • Personal initiative

  • solution-oriented working method




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